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Dryden NY Kiwanis Youth Ball

          =   Tues/Thurs Evenings  Grades 5-7    @  Wall St,  Dryden Village Field               6:00 PM
Player Pitch           -          Generally     Age 11-13  ***May include Saturday Morning Games***

Triple A       =   Mon/Wed Evenings    Grades 3-4    @  Groton Ave Park Or Wall St Dryden      6:00 PM
Coach/Player Pitch   -     Generally     Age 9 to 10

Double A    =   Tues/Thur Evenings  Grades 1-2    @  Groton Ave, Freeville Village Park          6:00 PM
Coach Pitch        -             Generally    Age 6 to 8

Single A   =     Mon/Wed Evenings     Pre-K and K @  Montgomery Park, Dryden Village Park 6:00 PM
TBall                    -             Generally      Age 4 to 6
Softball Has Two Divisions

12U - Mostly Mon/Wed Eves  Grades 5-7     @ Various Locations                                         6:00 PM
Player Pitch  -  Travel Program  -  Cathy Stage League

Tues/Thur Evenings      Grades 3-4     @ Various Locations                                          6:00 PM
Coach Pitch/Player Pitch -Travel Program,

8U -  Saturday Mornings       Grades 1-2   @Various Locations
The Way
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The Way
Kiwanis Ball is proud to be the single largest youth sports program in Dryden.  Most Spring Ball Programs end
the third week of June with Summer ball starting the week after that.  Spring Baseball and Softball will
basically be offered in bands of two year age groups from ages 4 to 12 with birthdays prior to May 1, 201
Weather permitting most programs start in April

This website is slowly being phased out and will disappear on January 1 2019, to
obtain Information on Kiwanis Spring and Summer
Ball please register and visit
us at: http://leagues.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1010483