League Structure and Other Information

- All Ball players will receive a Dryden Kiwanis baseball shirt and cap. Most baseball players
wear self-purchased grey baseball pants and baseball shoes.

- Major League Baseball plays Mon-Thur  with only two games per team each week.  All ML
League games will be played on the Village of Dryden's field on Wall St.  This is a requirement to
allow ML League pitchers to get accustomed to a pitching mound. Please thank the Village  of
Dryden for helping to take care of this field.

- The first ML league baseball cancellation of the week will be made up on the Saturday morning
following the rain out and the second and third rain outs will follow after the first make-up on the
same Saturday morning.

- Most leagues do not re-schedule rain-out days.

- Practice schedules are set by the Coach of each team please see your assigned coach for their
schedule.  However, pre-season practice nights are usually the same night as your game nights.
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Dryden NY Kiwanis Youth Ball 2015
Our Spring Baseball Program Is Split Into Four Divisions:     

League             Day                                 Grade                  Field Location                                       Time

          =   Mon-Thur Evenings   Grades 5-7    @  Wall St,  Dryden Village Field             6:00 PM
Player Pitch           -          Generally     Age 11-13

Triple A       =   Mon/Wed Evenings    Grades 3-4    @  Groton Ave, Freeville Village Park    6:00 PM
Coach/Player Pitch   -     Generally     Age 9 to 10

Double A    =   Tues/Thur Evenings  Grades 1-2    @  Groton Ave, Freeville Village Park     6:00 PM
Coach Pitch        -             Generally    Age 6 to 8

Single A   =     Saturday Mornings      Pre-K and K @  Groton Ave, Freeville Village Park    9:30 AM
TBall                    -             Generally      Age 4 to 6
Softball Has Two Divisions

Major - Mostly Mon/Wed Eves  Grades 5-7     @ Various Locations                                    6:00 PM
Player Pitch  -  Travel Program  -  Cathy Stage League

Tues/Thur Evenings      Grades 2-4     @ Various Locations                                          6:00 PM
Coach Pitch/Player Pitch -Travel Program, First Grade Girls are encouraged to play AA Baseball
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Dryden Kiwanis Spring Ball holds sign-ups in March. Most teams practice
mid to late April with games generally starting the first week of May.  
Most Spring Ball Programs end the third week of June with Summer ball
starting the week after that.

Registrations have ended for the 2015 season and players have all been placed.

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